About Us

The mission of Cause Communications, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is to identify and spotlight opportunities where strategic communications and collaboration can be leveraged in the nonprofit sector to achieve significant, measurable results for real social change.

Since 1999 we have successfully used analysis and creativity to educate and train more than 20,000 nonprofit leaders in the tactics of high-impact communications to advance positive social change. Cause programs and services help to share and elevate best practices in the nonprofit sector through our resource guides, tools, trainings and research.

Learn more about our educational resource books and guides, including our award-winning Communications Toolkit and trainings, and our research and insights.

Cause turned 10 years old in 2009! View our 10-Year Accomplishment Report for an at-a-glance look at where we've been and where we're going.

Cause Team

R. Christine Hershey
Founder and President

Marie Condron
Vice President

Anne Reisinger Whatley
Special Advisor

Jan Kern
Senior Advisor

Cynthia Chaillie
Senior Training Advisor

Andre C. Oliver
Special Advisor

Julia Coffman
Special Advisor

Cause Advisory Board

Tom G. David
Senior Strategist, Tides Foundation

Shirley Fredricks
Vice President and Trustee,
Lawrence Welk Family Foundation

Andy Goodman

Henry Ramos
Principal, Mauer Kunst Consulting

Beverly Schwartz
Vice President, Ashoka, Global Marketing