Idea Lab

The communications Idea Lab is uncovering and collecting learnings on effectiveness from the private sector, political campaigns and government to give nonprofit organizations and foundations the most current information on how to increase their power to communicate.

Communications Effectiveness Index

Our 2008 survey, conducted with Princeton Survey Research Associates, Inc., identified best thinking and best practices that can accelerate the use of communications as a vehicle for improved advocacy, public policy and social change.

Only a third of the organizations we polled are highly effective at communicating who they are and what they care about.  What really distinguishes the "highly effective" organizations from their less effective counterparts? Find out at Take the Self-Assessment to see where you fit in and where you can grow.

Network Collaborations

Working as a collective has its rewards and challenges. We have developed several tools to help keep groups on track.
Check out & download our Network Scorecard & Collaboration Tools Matrix.