What We Do

Since 1999 we have successfully used rigor, analysis and creativity to educate and train over 20,000 nonprofit leaders in the tactics of high-impact communications to advance positive social change. We accomplish this in a variety of ways:

Education and Training

We provide both in-person and online webinar trainings that can provide fundamental knowledge on essential areas and can be tailored to focus on specific topics of need and interest.

Core to this information sharing are the development of best practice books and tools. We have created a series based upon the needs we heard from our research of nonprofit leaders. We can also develop resources specific to a project or initiative.


The complex processes of bringing people together around critical issues, building cohesive platforms and moving all parties to action hinges on productive communication, effective facilitation and passion in spades. We can help with all aspects!


  • Identifying the issue
  • Getting the right people around the table
  • Setting initial goals


  • Finding common language
  • Sharing lessons learned and best practices
  • Distilling early trends


  • Bridge activities
  • Connecting potential partners
  • Maintaining momentum


  • Attracting diverse support
  • Enlisting broad-base community participation
  • Turning research into action agendas


Research has informed the creation of all of our books. Cause Communications continues to monitor the state of communications in the social sector and convert findings into easy to read summaries that increase your power to communicate. Our most recent tools created from research are the Online Collaboration Tools Guide, The Online Outreach Tools Guide.

Communications Evaluation

As our Communications Toolkit says “Are we there yet?” What did all of this work accomplish?  We are obsessed with how to most effectively measure and track the impact communications has on an organization, its brand and reputation, its fundraising, and its policy priorities.

We can aid you in making sure your communications plans have a way to quantify your success. Or we can develop a framework to assess an initiative, a grantee, or a program. 

We are happy to discuss any of these projects. Call or email Anne Whatley at 310-656-1001 or awhatley@causecommunications.org